Saturday, June 6, 2015

Westinghouse WH2000i Portable Generator Review

If you are finding a good friend in the ice storm or another disaster for providing the regular supply of electricity, Westinghouse WH2000i the next generation generator is only for you as the best friend for electricity supply. This has enough ability to support you in your emergency period within your budget. WestinghouseWH2000i may be the best friend during your emergency period. Digital Inverter has used in this generator as the latest features that make it totally different than other generators. This is very small but more powerful that you can’t imagine. You will get 1800-watt Running and 2200-watt Starting. This is enough to maintain a small office, restaurant of your house emergency electricity support. During the ice storm, you feel this generator and get this generator as the best friend.
Let’s see the overall description of this product. 
Engine Displacement & Power Output: 1800/2200 Watts running/Starting. It has powerful Westinghouse 79cc OHV 4 stroke engine that can produce electricity rapidly and continuously. This generator has efficient, powerful, safe and reliable electricity supply systems available. That can ensure you to get nonstop electricity to you.
Run-time & Fuel Type: The best runtime you will also get from this generator. If you load 25% load, it can serve you more than 22hrs continuously. And if you use it 50% load you will get more than 13 hours support from this generator. This generator has enough ability to support you a whole day. It has 1.3 Gallon fuel capacity.
Start Type: It has used an automatic recoil starting mechanism and it won’t create any harmful noise (53-59 dba NL/FL) to disturb you.
Size & Portability: It has a standard small size (L10.7 x W 19.0 x H 16.5). It has 48.5 pounds weight only. Westinghouse WH2000i is created with a light four-stroke engine that is easy to carry and extremely portable. This product makes this possible to move Power Anywhere. Don’t neglect this for its small size. It has some innovative and incredible latest technology that can you’re your money. Now you can move with it for tailgating, camping or other events.
Design: A beautiful design introduced in this model. Some important system and dual muffler design also include in this design that makes this generator quiet, efficient and clean. Asymmetrical fans can keep the generator cool from overheat. It has also color-coded touch points and double-insulated acoustic hood. This generator designed very simply for dependable use. Anyone can use this very easily.  refer this at :

Product Warranty: 2-year limited warranty! Westinghouse WH2000i is enough for any electric product. If any product can survive 2 years, you can hope a long lifetime of this product. If you face nay problem using this product, knock the service center. It has a worldwide support center to provide you their best service.
Additional features: If it gets any overload signal, it can reset automatically by AC overload reset system. It has also low-oil shutdown features. Power indicator light, High-efficiency run mode, Low oil shutdown, ergonomically designed with Lightweight, 3% or less total harmonic distortion (thd).  Oil bottle and tool kit are also free with each generator.
History: Westinghouse Electric Corporation which is the producer company has 125 years heritage, value and integrity over the world.
Price & Value: This generator price is comparatively very low, but it has a good service to you. When you will get the best durability from this product you will forget its cost.

You can easily justify its ability by reading this review. You can get all information about this from many famous websites and may watch customers review also. You can get this generator not only in you emergency period but also in hangout. Westinghouse generator will serve you honestly.

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