Saturday, June 13, 2015

Powerland PD3G10000E Tri-Fuel Generator Review

I picked up a new Powerland tri-fuel generator (PD3G10000E) several months prior, because of the incessant force blackouts here (thank you, Pepco). I tried to leave remarks on the Powerland site, giving 3 or 4 of 5 stars, yet they clearly screen the greater part of the surveys and just post the 5-star audits. Thus, I am going to post my audit here. 

Buy and transportation went easily. Verify you are home to acknowledge the conveyance. You get several days' notification on the conveyance. Gathering was sufficiently simple. After get together and motor prepares were finished, I joined a propane tank to give it a shot. 

The beginning battery was dead, so the electric starter didn't work. That was not too surprising. Three pulls on the rope and it began straight up. See more reviews .

It didn't run easily, even in the wake of warming up. An email trade with the organization came about an a recommendation to move the gas cutoff 1/8th of a swing to restrict stream. That smoothed out the run, yet you need to recollect to open it the distance one you put huge load on the generator. 

What I didn't see at the time, however did notice the second power blackout:  the generator was yielding 150V/ 300+V. Hmmm...not great. Surmise I got fortunate the first occasion when that I didn't run any touchy gadgets specifically off the generator. A few messages to Powerland about this all go unanswered. The generator is under 2 months old and has under 10 hours of utilization as of right now. 

Because of a bit of designing information and the extremely accommodating individuals at Powerland Portable Generators, I confirm that the programmed voltage controller (AVR) is awful. Since Powerland appears to have no aim of getting back to me back, I begin hunting down another one (section number pulled from the AVR on the generator: AVR8KW 120V240V/60Hz.12.1). Following a week of seeking, I at last discover an organization that has these, and I submit a request for one. After a week, that organization calls and says they don't have that part, and it has been suspended. They hunt down a week prior to I at long last discover a source in China. 

The part I find isn't exactly the same part number: AVR8KW.C 120V240V/60Hz.12.2. Then again, the specs all look right, and the photo looks right, so I pull out all the stops. Least request part is 5, and sending almost pairs the expense, however generally speaking, this may be the least expensive part on the whole generator, so I'm not by any means whining. The new AVR appears to work fine and dandy, in the wake of changing the voltage pot a bit. I've just had the generator under test burdens, since supplanting the AVR, given we've had no more blackouts. In any case, all tests went well, and I expect no issues. 

Coincidentally, in the event that you require one of these AVRs, let me know. I expect to keep an extra available, however that abandons me with 3 accessible.  check it .

I have just run this generator on propane, as such. I picked propane, since I couldn't get Washington Gas or Prince Georges County to issue a grant to run a NG line to a convenient unit, in light of the fact that propane can be put away for all intents and purposes inconclusively without the fuel corrupting. I acquired 2 100# tanks, which ought to give around 24-30 hours of run-time each. In the event that the force stays out for more than 3-4 days and refilling the 100# tanks isn't achievable, fuel will be utilized as a part of the interval. I'll tell you how it makes a go at amid the following significant blackout. Refer at :


  1. Thank you very much for this great review, I was looking at a similar model with my wife and I think I will end up going for one. They seem to be solid and work well out of the box. I really am in need of a reliable one as my previous Honda model was no good. Thank you again.

    Jordon @ Verdegy